Professional compact wood chipper

Accessories & spare parts

Professional compact wood chipper

SKARPER Chipping blades set 300mm (2 pcs)

Reversible hardened steel blades with a perfect combination of stiffness and toughness assures a long lasting cutting edge. Suitable for versions C90 / C120 / T90 / T120 PRO.
139,00 excl. VAT
166,80 incl. VAT
Professional compact wood chipper

Blade bolts & washers for (11 + 11 pcs)

Complete set of blade bolts together with special shim washers for added security and easier replacement.
12,00 excl. VAT
14,40 incl. VAT
Professional compact wood chipper

Optibelt V-belt set C90 PRO (2 pcs)

Made in Germany, exceptionally long lifetime, ultra-high performance and up to 97 % power transfer. Optibelt Red Power 3 is the only maintenance free V-belt in the industry.
49,00 excl. VAT
58,80 incl. VAT
Professional compact wood chipper

SKARPER Strapping brackets C90 PRO set

These specially designed strapping brackets will easily fix to your trailer or van floor, they are low profile so don’t get in the way, there is no better way to secure your Skarper C90. These brackets have tie down anchors, which correspond with the front and rear strapping points on your chipper, there is also a specially designed holder which accepts the foot of the chipper for added security. The Strapping bracket set includes: Front bracket, Rear bracket and 2 x 800 kg ratchet straps Learn more Close
120,00 excl. VAT
144,00 incl. VAT
Professional compact wood chipper

Wheel for C90 PRO (1 pc)

Complete 400 mm diameter wheel with rubber tire and smooth flow bearings.
50,00 excl. VAT
60,00 incl. VAT
Professional compact wood chipper

SKARPER protection cover C90 PRO

Protect your SKARPER from dust and water during the transportation or storage. This durable waterproof fabric cover keeps your chipper nice and dry and ready for the next job. Tailor-made shape allows the cover to easily slip over your valuable piece of equipment.
109,00 excl. VAT
130,80 incl. VAT